Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | November 29, 2010

less blogging, more twittering

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend asking her how in the world she managed to blog with a new baby and a 4 year old in the house. She said that sometimes it took her a few tries to actually sit down and get something out and I took that as good advice and a goal.

But I also realized that what my blog is “about” is the random things that I read about and want to have long drawn out conversations about. It’s comments about the books I’ve read, articles that I find interesting and adventures I’m attempting to go on.  Well, it’s taking me a ton longer to read a book (although I’m nearly done with a great one) and when I read articles that I find fascinating, it’s difficult to break that post into multiple sittings, although I am going to continue to try.

So, these days, I find myself twittering more than blogging. It’s something I can do with one hand while feeding the baby at any crazy hour of the day or night. I think I read tweets a ton more than I actually write them, but I am trying to actually participate in that world. However, I think I might have come in too late in the game and the people that really seem to be big time communicators have a ton more time on their hands then I do.

One thing that I still don’t get about twitter is the desire to tweet about television shows as they are happening. It’s sort of a sad twist on how we used to get together and actually watch television shows together. I have great memories from college that every Thursday night we would all get together in one room and watch “Must See TV.” Now people share that kind of relationship via a twitter community that follows a certain show. I don’t get it – isn’t the point of watching tv to enjoy the show that you are watching? I admit that I sometimes do other things while watching tv, but trying to follow tweets is too much work to me.

What I do get out of twitter is that I am able to find really interesting articles that I probably wouldn’t have found on my own. In the past few days there have been a ton of articles about food and the culture and political battles going on about food. I am hoping to actually manage to get a blog post in about it since my parents arrive tomorrow night and I will have some actually free time on my hands while they are here. I also follow parenting and food related content so it is a good way to keep up with blogs – my other way is that I found a great rss feed that works with my google reader but on my iphone. I find it interesting that facebook content is so different from twitter content. Twitter seems to be less about the individual and more of a means of disseminating information.

So if you’re wondering what’s happened to me, that’s it. My two beautiful girls take up the majority of my time and it is unusual for me to find my way to the computer. I do most of my online activities from my iphone. Every day gives us a touch more sanity and routine, so hopefully at some point I will find myself back at the blog more regularly. Until then…


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