Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | January 2, 2011

status updates

I want to blog, really I do, but I can’t find the time and I’ve realized that when I get actual computer time (vs iphone time) my brain often just shuts off. I had tried carrying around an old notebook but never jotted things down. However, a gift from a good friend has me attempting the pencil on paper writing style again. That’s always been where I’ve excelled at writing anyway. I can type this out in my mindless state.

One thing I’ve realized as of late is how it is so much easier to update your Facebook status and get that out to the world. Like the art of letter writing, however, there is something special about paragraphs of information. But since I just want to get a few thoughts out before this blog seriously dwindles away to nothingness, here are some things that have flashed through my brain as thoughts that I would one day like to flesh out…

  • I’m obsessed with the idea of knitting longies (knit pants for kids specifically designed to be worn over cloth diapers). I think I’ve even found the yarn to do them with which is on sale, just needs to be purchased.
  • I love the cloth diapers that we have started using with baby E. Wish I had known about them with J, but there was a lot different with that birth and the endless laundry does suck.
  • I’m constantly wondering how the supermoms do it. Crafting, cooking, cleaning, oh my!
  • Have you read the Hunger Games trilogy? Totally ate these books up.
  • There was a period during the holiday season where everyone was writing about food politics and culture wars. Fascinating articles were everywhere. I bookmarked a bunch to talk about them, but obviously that hasn’t happened. I haven’t even been able to finish the New Yorker food edition.
  • We quickly ran through Target the other day and it made me realize how much I miss that store (pathetic, I know). It also reminded me that while there are a lot of things that I really like about where we live, especially the people, I don’t think that I could live here permanently. I’m not an internet shopper and there are some stores that I just need to have around me to make my life easier – Target, Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods….In an ideal world, there would also be a Trader Joes and a Costco, but we’re still talking a few years down the line here.
  • Life post paying job is great, but that truly is going to be a post of its own.

Hopefully this will be the start of something good for me and I will manage to get back to writing. I’ve always hoped that this blog could be a way to communicate all of my random thoughts with my loved ones who are so spread out around the country. Happy New Year and much love to all!



  1. happy new year michelle! the girls have been talking a lot about the hunger games, so i am glad to see they have your endorsement as well đŸ™‚

  2. I am glad you like the notebook. I am looking forward to your blogs.

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