Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | November 29, 2011

finding my inner artist

I’m desperately trying to decorate the house (finally!). Today I made a bunch of purchases of wall decals for the girls’ rooms and the playroom. Here is what I’m looking at…

For J…

These wall decals are the inspiration for her room. The large castle will stand in for a head board, I’m not sure where the rest will go.

I have also commissioned three pieces by a local artist to go along with these.








For E….

This set of decals is pretty tall and will fill a wall. However, to fill out the rest of her room, I am also adding some small flower decals to spread around.









For the playroom I’ve bought two sets of these flowers and am going to put up some butterflies. I also plan on stringing up some of J’s artwork on fishwire.

I am also jonesing to add to the melted crayon art craze going on on Pinterest.

 The colors in this one would actually go fabulously with our new couches. I don’t think I can make anything as artistic as this one – they made an actual silhouette photo of themselves. Not going to happen for me. But I can figure something out to make it more me.

I realize, I’m not sure when I’m going to manage to do this, but at some point, I need to bring more art into my life.



    i suck at pinteresting. is that a word?

    um. i want to see how the art turns out for J’s room. i am LOVING E’s owls and all you have to do to make that one of the rain is print an image of the net, decoupage it to the canvas and if you wanted to paint over it so it looks more “real”. you can do all of these things.

  2. Aren’t the melted crayons the best?!? Can’t wait to try my hand at that. J’s pictures are done and will be in my hands on Monday. So excited! I will take pictures when I finish up the rooms – hopefully this week while my parents are here.

    I’m addicted to pinterest. But it is getting me to attempt to be more creative on some fronts. Thanks for the tips for the decoupage!

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