Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 11, 2012

they are growing up!

My baby is two. My munchkin is in kindergarten. Time seriously flies! I don’t focus a ton of attention on my kids on this blog, but since they are such a huge part of who I am and the main reason that this blog has been neglected, I thought I’d give them a little attention.

This past weekend we celebrated E’s 2nd birthday. She has been focused on having a “Minnie party” for a number of months now. I have no idea how the idea first even got in her head. I’m not one of those moms who goes all out for a 2 year old’s birthday party, but we did manage to have a lovely, small gathering of two-year olds and their older siblings a the park. I invited the kids from E’s preschool, but no one was able to make it. I have a feeling that this somewhat worked in our favor. The kids played and then enjoyed some Minnie Mouse cupcakes. Since this is “my” blog, I will have to say that this was my first go round at creative baking. I made strawberry cupcake with home-made buttercream frosting then topped them with mini oreos and pink chocolate bows. Delish!

It’s amazing that she is two. we are watching her develop so quickly! She has always had that spark of intelligence, but up until about a month ago, she wasn’t overly verbal. Now we have a non-stop word-fest and attitude to boot. It is funny, I had always heard of children who had fall-on-the-floor screaming tantrums, but J never even came close. Now I know that they truly exist and that when E decides to throw one, you just have to let her scream it out until she comes to her senses. But even with her attitude and independence, she is an absolute joy. She loves to cuddle and give big hugs. She loves her friends and her family – she even has 2 boyfriends, one older and one younger. She loves books and will try to copy anything her older sister does. She sings and dances and generally makes my heart melt.

E getting ready for her first day of school

Walking in all by herself, no time to pause for a picture

In her Minnie Mouse costume

The older munchkin continues to keep me on my toes too. J continues to amaze us with her reading and defy us with her attitude. She loves to sing and dance, is currently listening to Kidz Bop and therefore also listening to more mainstream music. I’ve managed to get her hooked on old-school Michael Jackson and she is also a big fan of Katy Perry. Her favorite movies continue to be Annie, The Wizard of Oz and Charlotte’s Web. She has a serious acting bug in her, which I want to nurture, it is just a very time-consuming and costly habit.

Kindergarten photo

She started kindergarten in July in the year-round program and seems to be loving it. We just got off our first 3 week break and she was excited to go back and see all her friends again. I also think that she is a big fan of the routine of going. She needs to be kept busy most of the time and I don’t think I can keep up with that need. She alternately makes me want to wring her neck and give her the biggest hugs in the world. I think she has truly figured out how to push my buttons. My parents laugh all the time about how she is very similar to me when I was a kid. So I just have to continue to give her love, support and discipline and hope that she turns out okay in the end.

about to head off to our first day of school

the diva!

Raising children….it is the hardest job in the world and probably one of the best. I do miss the days of working in an office, but I love that I am able to be there for my girls. I aim to not be defined by them, but they are definitely a huge part of who I am and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.



  1. THEY’RE SO BIG!!! ahhhh!! can’t wait to see them both (and you, of course!) for passover! xo

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