Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 24, 2012

writing, writing, writing

So I have a new writing gig. Not that it pays anything, but I am going to start writing for Sandhills Kids. They were looking for some people to volunteer to write and get more hits to their site and I thought that a) it could be a lot of fun and b) it will get me to focus. They always tell us that kids need routine and structure, well so do adults! I have lost a lot of that and this is one of my attempts to get it back. So stay tuned for more writing. I am going to somewhat double post things from time to time and, being that I want to have more of a routine, I am going to truly try and write more here. Sandhills Kids wants an article every week. I am finally going to focus on some of the topics that have been swimming around my head.



  1. Hi Michelle,
    Good luck with your regular writing goal. Writing once a week is my goal for my writing journey blog as well. Writing regularly will improve your writing and give you more creative ideas. I aslo hope that the exposure brings you some opportunites that are paying. I wrote a few words on finding the time to write recently titled, Prime Time Writing.

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