Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | December 13, 2012

I’ve seriously caught the crazies

I’ve always been a pretty laid back kind of mom. Don’t go overboard on things, don’t freak out when my kids get scratches or eat something off the floor. I’m not a crafty person, except for enjoying some basic knitting and crocheting, although I never get the time to do any of it. I’ve watched some of my mom friends and been in awe of their love of being a truly hands on parent when I admit that there are a lot of times I would love to just escape into a book and enjoy some quality alone time. But lately, I’ve caught some cooky bug. I’m blaming a certain friend who lives down the street, but I thought I would share some of my recent insanity.

Example #1 
Hanukkah Crafting Party

As I mentioned in my last post, we live in an area that is lacking in opportunities to celebrate our Jewishness. So when everyone else is decorating their houses for Christmas, I like the idea of bringing Jewish touches to our house. There isn’t a lot out there for Hanukkah, so my feeling is that making things is the way to go. Rather then just doing projects on our own, my personal insanity said that I should invite a group of kids over to do some crafts. We wound up with 5 kids able to do crafts and 3 little ones and everyone had a blast. It is amazing how quickly they can blast through the crafts that it takes hours to organize.


The kids made 3 different crafts – menorahs, stained glass dreidels and popsicle stick stars of David. I have a bit of a Pinterest addiction and that’s where I found most of my inspiration (my Hanukkah board is here).

J has really enjoyed being able to light the menorah that she made. Not sure how it will last in our Hanukkah box, but it is glowing brightly this year!

I also couldn’t help myself and made some fig newton dreidels for the kids to snack on. I made more than this, but took the picture early.

Example #2
Holiday teacher gifts

I somehow became co-room mom of J’s kindergarten class and in that, I came up with a fun room gift for the holidays – gift card trees. I wasn’t sure how to make it all come together, but luckily we have a crafty mom in the class who took all of that upon herself and rocked the gift.

However, the more I thought about it, I realized that there were all of the “extra” teachers – gym, library, music, art, etc. Then after I started thinking about that, my buddy down the street called me talking about the possible 11 loaves of bread she might be making for the teachers. I already knew I needed something extra for E’s teachers, so now I had to get into full baking mode.


It’s the holidays so I made double chocolate peppermint chip cookies, two kinds of peppermint bark, and peppermint meringue kisses.

Now everyone is covered! Happy holidays!


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