Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | June 23, 2013

the book addict takes on a new project

As you well know, I have a serious book addiction. I love everything there is about books. My goodreads list continues to grow and my time to actually read seems to be shrinking. Oh well. Today we were finishing our last day of a weekend away in Asheville and I couldn’t help myself and stopped into a great local independent bookstore  – Malaprop’s. It made me realize how much I yearn to be around books at all times, but how much I prefer the small local bookstore. Unfortunately, I don’t get the same feeling in our local store, but maybe I need to hang out there more and figure out why this is. Anyway, I digress.

A few weeks ago I made a post on Facebook about trying to keep up with J’s reading and the feeling that I need to be reading the chapter books that she is reading just to get a sense of what she likes, what she is learning, and generally about the quality of the books that she reads. A friend mentioned the idea of starting a blog and with that bee in my bonnet, I have started another blog – Books My Kids Read.

The premise behind this blog is that I want to document some of the books that we are reading and why we like them, or don’t like them as the case may be. I want to get J involved so that she can tell me why she likes certain things, because believe me, I wouldn’t read as much Rainbow Magic as she does! I like the idea of being able to curate what we’ve read at various stages and what age groups they might be appropriate for. But most of all, I want to share my love of BOOKS!

I have only started writing a few posts, but I’m really excited by the whole concept. Getting J to talk about the books isn’t always easy, but I think as she sees the blog grow, she will be more excited and willing to participate. I will also include books that I read with E, but it’s harder to get her input.

I hope that you enjoy my other adventures. If you do, go ahead and follow that site by subscribing. Happy reading!



  1. I love this concept!! Can’t wait to see what you post. Have you started to read any Roald Dahl with J yet? I think she’d love them! (and yes, I know 6 is a bit young for some of them, but she will looooove Matilda!)

  2. J LOVED Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Haven’t read Matilda yet, I don’t think she was in the mood. I might just have to buy it and leave in for her to find on her bookshelf.

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